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Most work is priced up by your chosen artist, different artists will work at different speeds for different styles so no two quotes will be the same.
We can give you a minim and maximum estimate, but the quote will usually be dependent on final on the day.

STEVE: £80 AN HOUR or £400 full day sitting

Larger work is charged by the hour or by the day , smaller work for anything under 2 hours is priced up individually by the artist. Our absolute minimum charge for any tattoo regardless of size and time is £40. This covers our running costs and set up fee.



Single Lobe: £30
Double Lobe / Pair: £50
Helix: £35
Forward Helix: £35
Daith: £40
Rook: £35
Tragus: £35
Anti-Tragus: £40
Industrisal/Scaffold: £55

Single Conch / Flat / Scapha: £35



eyebrow £35 / pair £65
Septum: £40
Nostril: £35
Double Nostril: £65
High Nostrils: £65
Bridge / Earl: £50

lip/labret £35

philtrum £65

upper lip (madona/madusa/monroe £40

tongue £40

paired tongue £75

smiley £40

tongue web £40


Nipple: £35
Pair of Nipples: £65
Navel: £40
Surface Piercing: £45


All prices include the cost of basic ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium. Additional choices start from +£5 each.

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